Career Summary

A senior full stack developer with over 6.9 years of leading software development and software architecture design. Throughout the career, I have persevered to keep learning constantly and accepted every new challenge that was laid in my path. My major strength in my opinion are my aptitude, my zeal to learn, my readiness to code in every programming language. My logical visualization skills to foresee possible production issues in a software architecture.

With a strong hold on backend as well as frontend technologies and framework like Java, Spring, Hibernate, NodeJS, Python, Angular 2+ and ReactJS, NextJS, MeteorJS and others, I have built numerous web and hybrid web applications. Additionally, I also hold an expertise in developing and deploying cloud solutions over platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

As a Cloud application developer, I have so far developed application using a total 50+ services from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The development of Serverless applications, scalable cloud deployments and managing Devops over the cloud are the skills I have gained expertise in. Being a developer at heart, throughout my career, I have ensured that I remain considerably engaged in coding some excellent applications on regular basis. This has helped me master my system architecture design and development skills.


Cloud Services

Amazon AWS
Google Cloud Services
IBM Watson Cloud Services
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Programming Languages


  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • React JS
  • Hibernate & Spring MVC
  • Jquery & Bootstrap 3
  • Oracle ADF & ZK Framework
  • Junit testing framework
  • Angular Framework
  • Meteor JS framework

Web Development Technologies


  • HTML5+CSS3
  • Javascript
  • JSP + JSF + Servlet technologies
  • SOAP & REST Web Services
  • Oracle 11g DB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
RocketML Inc - 12th March, 2018 to Present
RocketML Inc - Abhishek Kothari client
Streebo Inc - 22nd January,2018 to 5th March,2019
Oracle India Pvt Ltd - 2nd June, 2016 to 19th January, 2018
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd - 10th March, 2014 to 27th May, 2016
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Edulark Services - 1st June,2013 to 7th March,2014
A sneak into my personal life

Life is a journey, not a destination

So that’s what I do for a living, for a cause and for people – Now, let me give you a sneak into what I do for myself. Personally, I am a person fond of not only coding but also of travelling and interacting with people. My soft skills include but are not limited to – Observing and understanding a person, Communicating to a group freely, imparting knowledge, indulging into interesting discussions, presenting my thoughts to clients/audience as well as self evaluating my performance.

I am well-versed in Speaking, Reading & Writing – English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. My interests include trekking hills, relaxing at beaches, travelling through unexplored nature, gaining knowledge from all sources I could find & obviously programming. I learn from the experiences of my journey and this is the platform I planned to use to share them with you. This is not just any person marketing, this is a person helping you learn and grow in your career.

Blog is my way of giving words to thoughts

Many of you might have a question or dilemma of what should be done really life really – I had the same too. Life has been a confusion for all in their 20s and it’s that decade that makes the difference. I decided to begin with the blogging after lot of thought put in. I dig into my life – what satisfied me the most, what made me feel content, what did I really need to be happy. It turned out that I felt happy when I teach, when I travel and when I talk to people. So here’s a way to do it all !

So, this is it about me. If you feel the need – connect with me

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