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  • Stuck with a tech issue?
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Do you accept remote work?

Yes I do. I accept any kind of web development, SEO, Online tutoring as well as Technical blogging tasks falling within my technology domain.

What subjects do you tutor online?

Being from Computer Sceince domain professionally, I can handle any related subjects. However, I have been into teaching Core Java, Java based web development, HTML and CSS, C & C++ coding as well as Python based coding mainly.

What is your total experience ?

The entire life has been a learning for me. However, I began web development in the year 2012. I’ve been tutoring students world wide since 2013. I started blogging and technical content writing from the year 2015.

What mode of communication is preferred ?

I prefer communication mainly by email and skype. The response time for an email will usually be 24 hours. The response time for Skype message can be expected to be 4 hours usually.

What do you charge for you services?

The rates for my services start from USD 0. Yes, you read it right. I believe in working for the work rather than money. The charges may climb up depending on what is the purpose of work as well as what is the nature of work.

What modes of payment do you prefer?

I prefer Paypal as well as Transferwise as my mode of payment for non-Indian clients. Indian clients may make payments via Wire-Transfer, NEFT or Cheques upon request.

Are you open to learn new technology stack?

Learning is a continuous process for me. I have been engaged with Udemy and Coursera as my online learning partners. Answering the question – Yes, I am open to learning any new technology stack and working on it.


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