Website Development and Maintenance


If your business is not on the internet, you will soon be out of business – Bill Gates

Online presence is gradually becoming an inevitable part of business. In this internet based society, it feels good give out a card with your website address showing up on it. I am here to make that happen. Website is not just a portrayal of what you sell or what you need, it is a medium to express yourself. An elegant and bright website gives a positive boost to your customer base. It brings you more leads for expanding your business by leaps and bounds. I, with my expertise, will help you out in defining your needs, preparing a rough draft of your requirement and also help in finally develop a website. All you need to do is connect to me ! I will be happy to serve you !

Domain and Web Hosting Management


Every business has a place and an address for it’s customers; Even websites do!

Every website needs a place to store it’s data, a reliable space which serves the data as and when required – This is what you call the Web Hosting Server. It is the home to the website data. Then comes the address of the house – How do users identify or reach your website. Here comes into picture the Domain. It is a unique address for your website. I am here to help you manage your domain purchases as well as website hosting with the most transparent billing system. I am here to sell my skills not products. So if you are looking to get started with your online presence, I am here to give you a headstart.

Search Engine Optimization


You got your website ready, you got your business online, you got it on the business card – What next? It is time to gather more customers. It is time to get listed at the top. It is time to get yourself recognized. Search Engine Optimization is a technique which utilizes knowledge about the working of search engines and tries to get your website at the first page of search engines. It emphasizes on specific keywords and content. It is a gradual process where me and my team use our knowledge to make your website faster and better. We work towards getting your website more visitors looking for relevant items or services.

Social Media Marketing


You have got your business online – Now it’s time to generate more revenue out of the effort. Me and my team help you spread the word effectively and rapidly by our expertise in the social media marketing. Social media is the trend of today. You find the maximum crowd online searching for items/services that you sell. We help you spread awareness and advertise your product or services on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and several other social platforms as per your need. Social Media marketing is an advanced technique to find customers who might be interested in dealing with you and pitching them with your website. This helps you save time and gain real interested traffic on your website.

Online Tutoring


Teaching is not a service, profession or a job; It is a pillar of educated society– Unknown

Teaching has been my passion throughout my career. I teach for personal satisfaction. It is a noble cause for me. With online tutoring services, me and my team try to educate students all over the world. We deal in personal tutoring as well as group tutoring sessions online. We have experience in teaching via various online platforms including but not limited to Skype, Team viewer, WizIQ and AdaptiveU. Pertaining to our expertise, we mainly deal in tutoring for technologies. However, we are not limited to it. You can approach us with all your needs and we assure you to find a suitable tutor for your needs.

Technical Content Writing


A good writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for others!– Thomas Mann

With the team of expert tutors and developers comes knowledge. Today, content is the king in the market where almost 70% of the population finds knowledge online. Good content is important for any website to help it readers feel satisfied. For any technical blog or an I.T company, it is highly important to present accurate technical content in a precise manner. It demonstrates your knowledge in the field and the value that customer can get out of you. We are here to provide you with technical content and article writers for all your technical needs. We not only write content for websites but we are also experts in writing articles on technical subjects. So whatever your need is – Just get in touch !