Why hire a Professional Content Writer?

Content is a one-time investment that can make or break your business. It is an important part of your website and requires careful curation before it goes live. At present day, content is the source to attract search engine bots to your website and ensure that the search engines direct genuine leads to your business website. It is a general misconception that content is just few sentences in the desired language written with the goal to describe your business. However, content is far more than just some description.

Content is a well-research piece of work which includes keywords based on the analysis of your target market and business domain. The keywords help the automated bots to understand your business domain and target markets and get good leads for you. In order to ensure that the content contains these well-researched keywords and is of great quality to please the reader, it is necessary to have a professional writer who crafts the content keeping all these parameters in focus.

content writing by Abhishek Kothari

What services do I offer?

Content Creation Services

Social Media Posts
Creative Advertisement content
Website content
Technical & General Blogging
Newsletter creation
Project Proposal writing
Technical report writing

Content Curation & Keyword Research

Keywords research for content

Content Curation for Blogs

Curation services for Website content

Content Outlining for SEO

Blogging article curation

Why Prefer a Web Developer cum Content Writer?

SEO optimised content

No one understands SEO better than the creator of websites. As a web developer, my knowledge and skills allow me to understand the search engine algorithms quite well. This ensures that all the content that is being developed is optimised for SEO and performs excellently over the web. My research team is well-trained under my guidance to analyse your business domain for the perfect keywords and provide you with the best content.

Web Development + Content at one-stop

Planning to create a business website could be a headache with too many agencies to handle. With a freelance Web Developer + Content Writer, you have the luxury to command and rest until your business site is ready. I get the website developed along with the necessary content with excellent turn around times. Our relation does not end with the development. I take the complete responsibility to market your website and optimise it for the search engines if you are willing to go for it. This reduces a large burden from your shoulders and allows you to invest more time in your business.


A freelancer is often perceived as a casual part-time developer who might not take up the work with responsibility. However, a freelancer is actually a person who is dedicated to serve you as a client and takes up only the tasks that can be handled well. Unlike corporate giants taking up bunch of projects and ultimately disappointing you, a freelancer does all the tasks with only the best team at a highly competitive cost.

Reduce documentation overhead

A freelancer is synonymous to lesser documentation, lesser payment hassles and lesser follow up. As a freelancer, I prefer to serve the client with minimal documentation needs and flexible payment options. With a wide-spread competitive team of skill full writers, I could ensure you the best rates in the market for nothing but quality content.

How Can I Help You?
When you choose me as a Certified Trainer for your subject of interest, I ascertain to help you with below services

Custom courses crafted for you
Unlike other online training institutes and professionals, I provide custom courses that are designed especially for you according to your needs and demands. This helps you learn whatever you want to know and get benefits from them.

Open to One-to-one as well as group training
Apart from online, I also provide one-to-one and even group training to make your employees highly skilled. Therefore, do not hesitate to share your needs with me because I am always there to help you.

Available for offline training as and when needed
In case, if you require offline training for various reasons, let me know in advance. Thus, I will arrange your offline training according to schedule that suits both of us. I am ready give offline training whenever you need.

Flexible timing
Timing is one of the crucial factors, which affects you and your business largely. I understand the importance of timing so I provide training session in your flexible timing without offering our own schedule training time.