Who I am & what I do

Abhishek Kothari

Cloud Solutions Architect & Cloud Native Developer
A seasoned Cloud Platform engineer with experience spanning over on-prem, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud architecture design. Having worked with organization of large scale as well as small-scale, I quickly adapt into various work environments and successfully face the challenges set forth by every new project.

I believe in constantly learning, upgrading skills as well as sharing knowledge with the peers. For the same, I utilise excellent online learning portals and have also contributed content to popular blogs like Geekflare, ButterCMSMKYong, JavaCodeGeeks and others in the past.

GCET-EC-800x800 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant


What I'm good at

Bearing a vast experience into multiple functional and technological domains, having worked with various clients – ranging from startups to medium and large scale companies, I bring an elaborate expertise to develop, build, mentor and lead teams for large scale projects. Here’s a gist of what I can do for you

Apps & Services Development

Build hosted OR serverless applications & REST APIs in Java, Python, Node.JS as well as Go.

Cloud Solutions Consulting

Review your existing infrastructure setup on AWS, Azure or GCP for security and cost concerns

Custom Solutions Consulting

Help organizations build custom scalable solutions on cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP) right from the start

Scale Projects

Architect your IT infrastructure to scale with your demands and optimise costs

Cloud Migration Consulting

Help organization in their journey of digital transformation and migration to cloud

Mentor Professionals

Provide quality online training to professionals around the world

* My Knowledge

Things I work on !

0_VI4SttGborxLNEpO-990x518 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Navigating Cloud FinOps: Tools and Strategies for Financial Efficiency

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, organizations are constantly searching for ways to optimize their operations and enhance financial efficiency. The advent of cloud computing has brought unparalleled opportunities for scalability and innovation, but it has also introduced new challenges in managing costs effectively. Enter FinOps, short for Financial…

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OpenTelemetryJaeger Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

A Comprehensive Guide to Trace Sampling Strategies in Distributed Tracing

Introduction In the dynamic world of distributed systems, gaining insights into application performance often relies on effective trace sampling strategies. Distributed tracing provides a holistic view of transactions across microservices, helping to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize overall system health. In this article, we’ll explore various trace sampling strategies,…

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opentelemetry_banner-990x362 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Unveiling the Power of OpenTelemetry Operator: Simplifying Observability in Kubernetes

Introduction In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud-native applications, observability is paramount for understanding and optimizing system performance. OpenTelemetry Operator emerges as a key player in this realm, seamlessly integrating with Kubernetes to simplify the deployment and management of observability in containerized environments. This article delves into the OpenTelemetry Operator, shedding…

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OpenTelemetry-Collector-Architecture-edited Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Exploring the Power of Observability with OpenTelemetry Collector

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and dynamic digital landscape, ensuring the performance and reliability of software applications is paramount. Enter OpenTelemetry Collector, a powerful tool designed to enhance observability and streamline the monitoring process. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of OpenTelemetry Collector, exploring its key features, benefits, and…

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I work with cool companies

My experience with the top organizations around the world mirrors my credibility and skills for the work I do. I have worked with numerous small and large organizations – as a full time employee, contractor as well as freelance consultant. Here are some of the companies I have engaged with
virtasant-logo-400x300 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant


DevOps & SRE Consultant

twilio-logo Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Twilio - Segment

Principal Engineer – Infrastructure Engg R&D 

Apple-1 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Apple India

Cloud Platform Engineer

RocketML Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

RocketML Inc

Senior Backend Engineer

Streebo-400x300 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Streebo Inc

Technical Lead (Chatbot Product)

Oracle Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Oracle India

Applications Engineer

tcs Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Systems Engineer

Mobiquity Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant


Consultant – Backend

smartlighthouse Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Smart Lighthouse

Cloud Consultant

safet Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant


Cloud DevOps Consultant

tecme Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant


Cloud DevOps Consultant

aimdek Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant

Aimdek Technologies

Full-Stack Consultant

st_logo_dark_reset-300x300 Abhishek Kothari - Cloud Solutions Architect & DevOps consultant
Scaletech - Devops Consulting

Scaletech Solutions

Cloud & DevOps Consultant


Don't take my word for it

Shubhangi Pandya

Technical Lead
I had the pleasure of working with Abhishek for a project at Mobiquity. His expertise in Node and AWS is commendable. He is responsible and always eager to work on challenging tasks. Abhishek would be an asset to any team and I highly recommend him.

Adnan Chowdhury

Senior Frontend Developer
Abhishek was always a few seconds away to collaborate on the product we worked on for years together. We had many productive discussion on issues and features, he embraces state of the art cloud and backend technologies.

Moiz Barodawala

HR Manager
Abhishek is an impressive professional – innovative, focused, results-oriented, capable, a valued co-worker who inspires action. I am extremely impressed with his valued contributions in the product team towards the Chatbot Builder and Streebo DXA. He would be an asset to any organization that he is associated with. I am happy to give Abhishek my highest possible recommendation for his professionalism and quality of work.

Jinay Shah

Consultant – Java/Oracle
Abhishek is one of the most organized professionals that I have ever encountered in my career. He has been consistent for bringing out the most innovative methods to perform a task. On the other hand, he has always been an accomplished leader and a brilliant mentor that brings out best in an individual.

Aman Munjal

Product Analyst
Abhishek, is hardworking, focused and responsible; and ensures the seamless execution of whatever tasks are assigned to him. He’s also a good leader and motivator with a “go-getter” attitude. I enjoyed working with him, his dedication and work ethics are impressive.

Krishna Vaid

Pre-Sales Consultant
Abhishek has an excellent ability to deliver work with precision. He is always proactive, quick learner and self motivated. Even though, Abhishek comes from technical background, you will always find him giving best business outcome for any problem/situation. He is a fantastic person to deal with.

Paul Hayman

E-commerce Business Owner
Top service from start to finish, clearly knows his stuff and able to troubleshoot problems, work under pressure. Highly recommended for AWS consulting

Cole Smith

TechMe.IO Founder
Abhishek was a huge help with our AWS infrastructure activities. Always available at regular timing, on time for meetings and ready to answer complex questions on the fly – Highly recommend his services for AWS infrastructure setup, optimisation and security.


That’s how I work

A well-formulated process is the key to accomplishing complex projects in desired timeline. My work methodology captures the key essence of how I can accomplish any task in a well-organised manner regardless of the size of team involved.

Defining the problem

Documenting the problem statement is the first step to solving the problem – A well defined problem is as good as half solved.

Conduct the research

Every unique problem requirement specific approach and technologies to solve it. A thorough research right at the beginning of the project helps in ensuring less re-work in what we do.

Architecture Design

Every software solution requires an excellent architecture at its core before we design factors like Programming language, database, hosting solutions and devops tools. A well-designed architecture consists of features like scalability, flexibility, automated CI/CD pipelines and optimum cost to usage ratio.

Design & development

Finally we are good to begin with development once the architectural decisions are made. Depending on the project, we can choose to go with Agile or Waterfall model as it seems fit. Majority of the problems in modern scenario can be better handled by Agile framework – However, Waterfall model does have its benefits.

Beta Testing & Bugs resolution

A thorough testing of any product is mandatory to avoid user agitation over bad quality of delivery. Beta testing helps in ensuring that the delivery is able to run smooth with a known limited set of users. The bug identified during the testing helps in iproving the quality of software before the final launch

Product launch

Once Beta tested successfully, we are good to release a set of features as per the planning to the wider audience. A product launch requires constant initial monitoring and review of the setup systems to ensure that it works as per expectation.


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